Nicholas Financial, Inc. - NASDAQ Global Select company


Nicholas Financial stock has been publically traded since 1987. It is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol NICK.

A catalog of Nicholas Financial Annual Reports from 2001 through the present year.

A comprehensive library of Company press releases and published news articles featuring Nicholas Financial.

Nicholas Financial, Inc. is committed to abiding by transparent and accountable corporate governance practices. This directory provides links to the Companies corporate govenance policies & guidelines.

Nicholas Financial financial data provided by the NASDAQ National Market system.

A current NICK stock quote from the NASDAQ National Market system.

Real time SEC Filings provided by the NASDAQ National Market system.

Nicholas Financial Quarterly SEC Filings in XBRL format.

SEC Section 16 Filings provided by the Securities& Exchange Commission website

The Nicholas Financial Board of Directors, Corporate Officers and othe shareholder information.

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